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Barn Cultus

Aquitanian born to Green Mountains.

A living archive to my magico-religious house custom- Barn Cultus. As well as a place for me to share my writings on the spiritual, esoteric, historical, and ecological. With a strong emphasis on topics of naturalizing foreign religions and developing connection with the Land.

Developing Local Cultus I.

Part of my particular interest in ritual structure as it pertains to my academic studies is how ecologies affected religions. The palms of Roman Catholicism, the solar thistle of the Pyrenees, the holy resins and incenses, the healing herbs, etc. From seasonal rites, like Palm Sunday, to everyday magico-religious based healings and offerings, local ecologies are intimately intertwined with the faiths that host them. Not only do the plant and animal life of the region affect the faith, but also how the people choose to employ them.